Welcome to Five Star's website! Here we give you the best experience of building facades and views. Excellent quality products for you.

Having the most beautiful interior design of the building.

Stones with the best quality and materials to decorate your home

Excellent quality of our products.

The quality of our products is our credit

Variety of types and colors of our products.

All kinds of marble, travertine and granite with eye-catching colors


Five Star Company is one of the best manufacturers in the field of building marble. We have about 15 years of experience in selling various types of building stones.

15 years of sales experience and our customer service

Creative and Unique

The best colors and product quality

Best view

It will bring the best view to your place

Best Material

In making all the efforts, we have tried to produce quality products.

shipment with caution

All products will be shipped with care so as not to damage them

24 hour support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day

Enjoyable experience

It is enough to order our products once so that the quality of our products and services will give you a pleasant experience

we love to design.

The variety of our building stones is very large and will meet all your needs.

We will ship all our products all over Europe.

Just call and announce the amount of your order so that we can send your purchase

Onyx marble

see gallery

Granite stone

see gallery

Granite stone

see gallery

Marble black

see gallery

white marble

see gallery

create your building with the Five star!

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All products are specially designed to meet all standards and can give beauty to your building.


Our team is always ready to provide you with the necessary advice for buying and ordering.


Products with stunning quality will give the facade and interior design of your building

With perfect quality.

to produce best design stone

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