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Solid travertine bathtub: a unique sculpture at home

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Solid travertine bathtub: a unique sculpture at home

A solid travertine bathtub is a timeless piece that brings nature, warmth, beauty, and distinction to your home. In order to obtain this type of unique bathtub, at TINO Natural Stone we almost entirely handcraft it achieving exceptional finishes.

Down below, we explain the phases of the production of a solid travertine bathtub. We start with what makes it unique and unrepeatable: 100% natural stone, which is the only material being used.


Travertine Olivillo

Travertine Classic

Travertine Bianco

Travertine marble has its origin in Italy and is the stone that best evokes Roman classicism. However, due to its great versatility designers and architects of today include travertine in their most avant-garde designs. The ochre and beige tones of this natural stone provide natural warmth that visually softens current projects’ refined lines.


This solid travertine bathtub was extracted from an equally solid block

The selection of the block is essential when carrying out this type of project. When creating a sculpture, the stone is not being cut which is why it is essential that the entire block does not have any imperfections.


As if it was a carving, our specialists work the stone until they gradually obtain an oval shape.

Also, all the tests of water tightness and resistance of the piece are carried out.

Once the interior of the stone is empty, and all the tests have been carried out, it finally appears “the bathtub that was trapped in the block,” as Michelangelo Buonarroti would say:

 “How can I make a sculpture? Simply by removing everything that is not necessary from the marble block.”

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